Abby Crow

Vice President of National Sales and Decor Specialist

With over 15 years of sales and customer service experience in the digital printing industry, Abby will be your lead contact for new project discussions regarding capabilities, materials, solutions, project estimates, and timelines. Abby has worked on projects from new product development, prototypes, in-store signage kits/campaigns, and POP signage solutions. Abby’s depth of knowledge in the digital print industry brings new ideas and solutions to her clients nationwide.

“Abby is a rare breed, in that she loves Mondays. When’s she’s not hard at work, her favorite meal out is lamb chops (paired with a good red wine of course), and she loves spending time in Fort Myers Beach, Florida. She’s a boot-tappin’, hat tippin’ country music fan and the most important aspect in her life is her family.”