visiFlex is a visual fabric display offering vibrant, customizable, lightweight, and earth friendly graphics.


This display system delivers visually stunning graphics that provide a modern, professional look to any application.

Made from polyester blend fabrics with a special silicone edge sewn along the backend perimeter that allows them to be easily installed into distinct extruded frames.

SEG Frames

Frames can be assembled in just a few steps and
are available in a range of profiles or custom designed to maximize the use of your space. They can also be changed and reused for new areas or to create new shapes. Graphics can be changed in ¼ of the time or less without tools or special labor.

The graphics are rich and vibrant with photographic quality that provide a very high-end image for your brand or product. The LED lights used in the system provide perfect uniform illumination that really make the graphics pop.

Both the fabric graphics and frames are lightweight and easily assembled or installed. In fact, the installation can be done by one person in a matter of minutes.

The graphics are made of polyester fabric and frames of aluminum. The frames can be reused and the both can be recycled. The fabric graphics fold flat for shipping, require less space, cost and fuel to ship than traditional backlit or ridged graphics. LED lighting used in these systems uses 60% less power than conventional lighting.

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