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Our photographic quality backlit graphics are produced for light boxes, Flex Face stretch frames, or illuminated sign cabinets that require a rigid substrate.

Whether you’re planning to use them indoors or outdoors, we offer a variety of printable backlit medias to suit your application.

Flex Face Banner

Flex Face is an economical alternative to rigid-faced substrates like acrylic or Lexan. It is also quickly becoming the most popular choice for large backlit signs. It provides colorful and vibrant graphics for both indoor and outdoor lighted signs. Using our special backlit density process, we provide bright and vivid graphics that look great both day and night.

Flex Face is most commonly installed as a skin or cover and stretched over a frame in your backlit cabinet. It is weather-proof meaning it can stand up to sunlight for years and hold up against high winds better than ridged substrates. It has many advantages over ridged materials including the ability to create signs up to 16’ wide without a seam, develop custom shapes and substantially lowers shipping cost to get the finished sign to its destination.

Backlit Films

Backlit Film provides vibrant lighted displays, by effectively and evenly dispersing light across an image. Our Backlit Film also provides vivid graphics during the day (when backlit illumination is off) – making our film perfect for day and night. Backlit Films are commonly used in graphics displays at retail stores, museums, restaurants and trade shows. Primarily used indoors, they are also durable for outdoor applications.

Translucent Backlit Decal

Backlit Decals are designed to install over a rigid backlit surface providing semi-translucent graphics when backlit and are also visible both day and night. Produced on a special material, they can withstand direct UV sunlight for years, remaining bright and vivid. They adhere to acrylic or glass with an adhesive that is easy to apply and remove.

Direct Print to Acrylic or Lexan

Acrylic and Lexan are popular choices for use as retail displays, lobby signage, directional signage and architectural signage. Both materials provide long term durability with excellent impact and weather resistance. We can print directly on either material at sizes up to 60” x 120” without any seams. Contact us to learn which option is best for you.


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