Impact Mesh

Turn any fence or wall into a high impact branding, promotional or sponsorship opportunity.

Impact Mesh banners are made with a breathable mesh, that provides a minimum on 20% airflow*, and outlasts most other windscreen and fence mesh materials. Its unique design helps it last for years, whereas wind and the elements usually has an impact on other products. Your custom graphics will stand out and make an impact under any conditions.

Impact Mesh is superior to other colored fence screen products. It provides you with the ability to be more creative using full color graphics rather than being limited to repeat logos or graphics on a solid color background. You also have the option of flooding the backside of your graphic with color for additional impact. Impact Mesh lasts longer than most other windscreens or fence mesh. It comes standard with our X-treme Seam edge and grommets to produce the strongest hem in the industry.

Advantages of Impact Mesh

Custom sizes and shapes plus bright, full color high resolution graphics that don’t fade or crack let your graphics that really make a statement. Impact Mesh has unlimited background colors for you to be as creative as you like while long lasting, UV protected material designed for outdoor use. Lightweight material provides less wind resistance and is easy to install and can be cleaned with soap and water or just hosed off. X-treme Seam™ edge reinforcement withstands harsh environments when your graphics need to last.

*Available in other mesh weaves

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Exclusive X-treme Seam Finishing

Our exclusive X-treme Seam process provides a banner that will last longer under extreme conditions than any other product on the market.

  • Last Longer
  • Does not use seaming tape of any adhesives
  • No additional cost to your project