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Full-color floor graphics are unique attention grabbers. They are the perfect solution to call attention to product promotions and sales, help direct traffic and promote your brand. We offer a range of the best floor graphics products available, and will help you make the best selection depending on your application and what type of wear and tear it will need to endure.

The Source One Digital graphic design team can help you revitalize an existing brand, develop a new brand from the ground up, or create attention-getting programs and promotions that will drive store traffic and grow brand awareness.

Floor Graphic

This product is designed for indoor use and is protected by a non-skid laminate. Use this product for directional signage, retail promotions, athletic surfaces, or interior decor.

  • Use on interior surfaces such as wood, tile, vinyl, or concrete.
  • Non-slip surface
  • Stays looking good up to 6 months under normal traffic conditions.
  • Remove with little or no residue

3D Floor Graphics

Same material as the Floor Graphic listed above. Our expert design team can help you create designs that look like they are popping up off the floor, creating an optical illusion that will attract more attention to your brand.

Street Tread

Premium heavy-duty graphics that conforms to uneven outdoor surfaces such as asphalt, cement and paving bricks. It is perfect for extreme sports events, sidewalks, concession areas, parking lots, and other area that need to hold up under the toughest conditions.

  • Textured slip resistant surface on both wet and dry surfaces
  • Superior adhesion on exterior asphalt and concrete.
  • Good resistance to dirt and wear from high foot traffic
  • Removable with heat or chemicals for up to 3 months
  • Lasts 2-3 years indoors with little or no foot traffic. Outdoors with High traffic lasts up to 6 months.

Promo Tread

This floor graphic material is economical and a great product to use for temporary events and promotions. Having a uniquely textured surface, Promo Tread requires no lamination and provides a heavy duty non-skid surface, whether it’s wet or dry. Use for temporary events such as festivals, concerts, running / cycling races or indoor / outdoor applications.

  • Slip-resistant textured vinyl surface meets OSHA requirements
  • Removes with little or no residue
  • Lasts up to a month with normal wear and tear.

Stair Step Graphics

These attractive graphics can help you add a decorative or branded look to the stairways at your business or office. Stair step graphics are also commonly used by sports teams to generate additional sponsorship revenue. Installed on the face of each step, this product comes with attractive full color satin graphics with a protective laminate that will make them last a long time.


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