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Window and doors are often areas that go unused and can easily be turned into colorful eye-catching graphics. In addition to providing branding and promotional opportunities, there are many other benefits of window graphics including providing energy savings and enhanced privacy.

Window Perf

Window Perf is designed to provide one-way visibility which allows you to cover your entire window with attractive graphics. The unique perforation of the material allows you to see out, but blocks the view in from outside during the day. It also reduces the light and heat coming  in, much like window tinting.

Opaque Window Graphics

Opaque window graphics are printed on a white material that will add a creative, colorful or professional look to a window or doorway. While it does not completely black out light, it can obscure visibility from either side of the window. Opaque window graphics can also have a blackout layer that allows them to be printed double sided with different messages on each side if you wish. There are several different option of materials for both interior and exterior application.

Clear Window Graphics

Your graphic will be clear everywhere the graphic itself is not printed. This type of material is great where you want to have two-way visibility such as lettering or your company logo on a door. Using white ink, you can also create frosted effects that will allow a lot of light to still pass through but will obscure visibility. There are several different options of materials for both interior and exterior application.

CreativeFx™ Custom Window Films

The material is as clear as glass itself. This material is becoming extremely popular in upscale decor applications. Customize your graphics with any opacity or translucency you’d like to create unique effects such as frosted or etched glass effects with this product. CreativeFx™ Custom Window Films is the answer to a perfect custom glass look without the expense. You no longer have to settle for stock images and window films for these kind of effects, now you can create your own custom look.

Static Clings

Unlike most window graphics, static clings have no adhesive side to them. Rather, they attach to windows and other smooth surfaces through the static charge of the graphic. Static clings are easy to remove and reapply in different places. Static cling materials come in both clear and opaque options and are for inside use only.


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