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Homeland Security

Each school day, our nation’s public and private schools are entrusted to provide a safe and healthy learning environment to approximately 55 million elementary and secondary students.

Most days go smoothly, but in order to be prepared, schools plan for potential emergencies and create a school Emergency Operations Plan (EOP).

An integral part of the EOP is how that information is shared and communicated with the first responders that may be called to assist in an emergency. A good EOP includes building schematics, photos of the building inside and out, information on doors, windows, and locks, and access control.

Source One Digital makes it easier for your school to give the first responders the critical information they need to assist you quickly and more accurately, should a situation arise. With Source One Digital Homeland Security Graphics, you can label entrances, exits, doors, windows and reunification locations so they are quick and easy for both staff and first responders to identify and locate. Source One Digital Homeland Security Graphics incorporates school colors and branding that provides a pleasing school environment on a normal school day.

Make Source One Digital Homeland Security Graphics part of your school’s EOP.

  1. Use Homeland Security Graphics to make communication of your EOP easier and clearer to understand
  2. Mark key locations in your school so it is easier for staff to give more accurate information to local authorities during an emergency
  3. Help first responders find response locations quickly and easily.
  4. Provide aesthetically pleasing signage that blends in with the school environment on a normal school day.

For more information on homeland security graphics and to get a copy of the Center for Safe Schools Model Door Numbering System Guidelines:

Click here to fill out The Homeland Security form.


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