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CreativeFx Custom Window Films

CreativeFx crafts custom decorative window films to enhance any indoor window space.

Our photographic, full-color printing is 100% optically clear and perfect for décor, architectural graphics, or branding. By using amazing layer effects you can achieve frosted, etched, or stain glass appearance easily!

We offer prototypes and sample products, as well as short-run production and blind shipping.

Clearly Unique Window Solutions

Mimic Frosted Glass

A classic choice for interiors, this effect mimics the look of frosted glass without the added expense. Translucent, soft-focus appearances to transparent, see-through graphics are achieved by adjusting the levels of white or black ink on the film.

Intensify Color Images

Brilliant, full-color designs are a bold, stylish option to enhance spaces. By partially or fully backing the film with white ink, viewers see amazing color and clarity from the outside of the glass.

Create Double-Sided Effects

Vibrant, colorful graphics visible on both sides of glass walls or windows make for compelling visuals. With this, an inner layer of white makes the same image impactful on either side of the glass.