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It’s undeniable, vehicle wraps and fleet graphics are the single most cost-effective advertising tool available for a business.

Vehicle graphics make a powerful impression, drive brand awareness and increase sales and business growth. Everyone is always on the go, shouldn’t your brand be where your potential customers are?


The world is not flat and neither are most vehicle surfaces. Designers must have experience and the right tools to be able to create a wrap design that will properly fit a vehicle. Poor design can lead to problems with distortions and shrinkage or bubbles that will make your graphic hard to read and reflect negatively on your company.


They are many high and low quality manufactures of wrap material available. Just like everything else you get what you pay for. Cheaper materials won’t give you the quality or longevity and won’t preform as well on curved surfaces. We can help you select the proper material for your vehicle and application, one that will give you the most value in the long run.


The most important part of an installation is the preparation. We go over every inch of your vehicle to make sure it is 100% clean and wax free. We use a special solution to make sure all the wax is removed. If a vehicle is not properly prepped it can lead to problems. Even the smallest amount of dirt or wax can cause the adhesive to fail and in a short amount of time it will pull away from the surface there. The areas that pull away allow moisture to get under the wrap and eventually it will cause larger areas of the warp to pull away and fail.


This is the last, but probably the most important part of the process. It’s just a giant decal how hard can it be? Different material behaves differently and installers must have extensive experience with the different materials. It is a real art to mold the graphics to the curves of a vehicle, properly trim and tuck the edges. A steady hand, a lot of patience and technique is what makes a wrap look like a fine work of art. Once the wrap is applied you might think you done, but one of the overlooked steps is resetting the memory of the vinyl on curved surfaces. This is done by precisely heating those areas. Skipping this step will cause the wrap to pull away and shrink over time causing it to fail.

How effective are vehicle wraps as a marketing investment? Recent studies have found:


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