Outdoor Signage

Stand out with outdoor signage!

Source One Digital can help you design and create innovative outdoor signage that promotes your brand identity, events, or provides attention-grabbing promotions to increase your business.

Creating outdoor signs to withstand the elements and retain their original color and vibrancy requires the right technology and materials. Using our extensive knowledge and experience of substrates, inks and printing processes we provide a customized solution to fit your needs that will stand up to the most difficult environmental conditions.

Outdoor signs come in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes. We specialize in everything from outdoor event and retail signs to architectural signage and commercial and real estate signage.

Our Outdoor Signage Products Include:

Some of Your Options for Custom Outdoor Signs:

Coroplast: Made from a durable corrugated plastic that is extremely lightweight and completely waterproof.
A-Frames: A-frames (also called sandwich boards) are an easy-to-install way to display your outdoor signs on sidewalks or in the center of town plazas.
Aluminum: Custom aluminum signs are strong, lightweight and super durable. Aluminum is the thinnest of all metal sign composites.
Dibond: Dibond is a metal sign panel made of a solid plastic core sandwiched between 2 aluminum sign boards.
Textured Vinyl: Conforms to textured surfaces such as block or brick
Sintra or Styrene: Both are made from PVC. Choose the thickness or effect you’re looking for. Both are complete weatherproof.
MDO: Coated Duraply wood that can be printed to directly. We and an outdoor lamination to protect it from the harsh environments.
Lexan: Translucent plastic that is primarily used in lighted outdoor sign cabinets