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The A-Frame is a great way to turn your crowd control signs into wayfinding or informational signage, sponsorship revenue or brand building opportunities.

A-Frames are also a great freestanding option you can use to direct traffic to your location, connect with impulse buyers, and convey information about your organization. A-Frames are popular because they are so versatile, have many options and sizes, and can fit almost any need you have for a freestanding sign.

A-Frames are super portable, easy to set up, take down, and store. They store flat when not in use, making them easy to store or transport to the next event. With varying materials and sizes, it’s easy to find an affordable option to fit your budget.

A-frames can be used with signs of various materials, such as: banners, mesh or Styrene (PVC). They can also accommodate single-sided, double-sided, or reversible graphics that can be attached to the frames in a number of ways to get attention or help direct traffic.

Ultimate A-Frame

The Ultimate A-Frame™ is recognized as a versatile sports display. It promotes sponsorships and branding while creating a player-safe environment. This easy-to-use display is sturdy enough to barricade any field or court and light enough to collapse upon impact. The Ultimate A-Frame base is made out of a corrugated plastic, which is both affordable and easy to transport. Wrap your Ultimate A-Frame with a vinyl or mesh banner and secure along the bottom with the velcro edge for easy installation.

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Aluminum A-Frame

A large format A-Frame made from lightweight aluminum. It is very easy to use, reusable, and is the perfect graphics carrier for venues, events, exhibitions, promotions, and indoor or outdoor shows. Wrap with a vinyl or mesh banner and secure along the edges with Velcro for easy installation and removal. Also works great with grommeted graphics.

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The I-Frame is ideal where high quality, attractive, and durable graphics frames are need. The I-Frame is ideal as a sideline frame, for crowd control, or defining event areas. The I-Frames is our longest frame at 10’ in length. The frames can also be linked together as needed. Banners can be made to slip easily over the frame or grommeted along the edge to attach to the perimeter of the frame and provides an attractive billboard display of your sponsor signage or branding.

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Sidewalk A-Frame

These signs are used to provide information and bring people into businesses, retail stores, or restaurants and are also sometimes called “sandwich boards” or “café signs”. They are very portable, affordable, and effective way to get your message or promotion noticed. They can be used with a number of graphics including options that provide whiteboard or chalkboard capabilities.


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