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Quotes are based upon specifications agreed upon by Client and completion of the project from start to finish without interruption. Changes or modifications of specifications, descriptions, artwork, or production schedules, made verbally, or in writing are subject to additional charges. If the project is canceled after any initial services have been completed, or materials purchased, services provided and costs incurred by Source One Digital will be invoiced to Client.

After 30 days, any price quoted may be increased to reflect current changes in the cost of raw materials. All applicable sales tax and shipping and handling charges shall be billed to Client as additional.

Source One Digital requires credit application and approval for all new clients who seek credit/payment terms. Pre-payment terms may apply based on job size, turnaround time of job, and pending credit approval. Upon credit approval, all invoices provided will have terms of Net 30 days unless noted and approved by Source One Digital. The balance of the stated price along with any additional charges shall be paid on or before the date set forth on the final invoice. Any payment not made by the due date shall accrue late payment charges at 1.75% per month. Client shall reimburse Source One Digital for all actual attorney fees and costs incurred by Source One Digital in all efforts to collect amounts due Source One Digital from Client. Failure to pay Source One Digital in a timely manner terminates any and all other agreements and contracts of any nature which may exist between Source One Digital and Client.

In the absence of a prior written agreement between the Client, Source One Digital and a third party, the obligation to pay Source One Digital is that of client authorizing and placing the order with Source One Digital, and not any third party for whom the work is commissioned.

Client represents and warrants that they own or have the requisite permission to use photos, digital files, logos, and all other pertinent information provided to Source One Digital. Client assumes all liabilities under all trademark and copyright laws, and agrees to indemnify Source One Digital for any and all costs, fees or judgments resulting from any claim or lawsuit against Source One Digital for work done on behalf of the client. Source One Digital provides a finished product and unless set forth in writing there are no warranties, expressed, assumed, implied or otherwise. Except for the finished product, unless specified in a prior written agreement, all working and licensed materials shall remain the property of Source One Digital.

Source One Digital is not liable for any losses incurred due to any delays in shipping caused by third party vendors once the order has been shipped from Source One Digital’s facility.

Source One Digital shall not be liable for any claims or damages arising out of the installation of product by any third party installer, nor for any damages arising out of or defects which occur in the installation process attributable to variables in installation surfaces, conditions, and/or the application process.

Should there be a claim of a material, finishing or printing defect the client must notify Source One Digital with in 72 of receipt or installation of products. Client agrees to return the material or provide photos of the materials claimed to be defective. Source One Digital will review all claims and if it is determined there is material defect or printing defect it will provide replacement graphics. Source One Digital will not be responsible for and/or compensate for any additional installation or shipping and handling costs associated with the replacement graphics.

Source One Digital shall not be obligated to disclose any information to Client, including information obtained from a third party, except that information which relates directly to a quote and any resulting order. As agent/vendor for Client, Source One Digital is authorized to subcontract services and/or purchase materials and equipment on client’s behalf to complete project as described above. For such commitments, Source One Digital may use its standard contracts and order forms. Vendors/subcontractors will be paid once client pays Source One Digital in full. Should client fail to pay Source One Digital in full, client agrees to final responsibility to respective vendors/subcontractors for products, services or equipment needed to complete project described above, and including, but not limited to, non-cancelable contracts, incidental charges. Source One Digital reserves the right to withdraw any discount provided by vendors/subcontractors to client in the event invoice balance is not paid on or before the invoice due date or such date as may have been previously approved by Source One Digital. Any discounts withdrawn will be assessed against client, and client shall pay to Source One Digital the withdrawn discount plus any balance remaining due on the invoice.

Written acceptance of this quote is requested. However, verbal, electronic or fax approval, and acceptance of shipped orders shall constitute acceptance of this quote and its terms without modification. These terms supersede any other language whether on purchase order and/or documentation and may not be modified by any subsequent order or document, unless approved in writing and signed by an officer or agent of Source One Digital LLC. The laws of the State of Michigan shall apply for any dispute concerning the above terms or order and jurisdiction and venue shall be Muskegon County, Michigan.