Before you begin uploading your files:

  • If you’re submitting print-ready artwork, please review our Art Specifications. Following these guidelines will assure we can print the best possible image for you.
  • Spell check your print files.
  • Provide us with any Pantone colors if you want a color exactly matched. You will be asked for these on the File Upload form.
  • Send your account manager a PDF of what the completed project should look like. It will help us set up your file and will help us spot anything that may have not transmitted properly.

In order to provide the highest quality printing Source One Digital is known for, we need to get the best digital files you have.
[ View Our Artwork Guidelines – PDF ]


If you have any further questions about file preparation or anything about Source One Digital in general, feel free to call us directly at 800-898-3022. Our customer service staff will help you find the answers that you need!

Upload Files

You will be able to drag and drop individual or multiple files to our site for upload. For multiple large files, we recommend attaching a ZIP file as it will upload more quickly for you

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