ConVerd Board

ConVerd Board is an environmentally sustainable, fully recyclable rigid paper-based board. It is FSC® certified and is a great alternative to other plastic substrates for structural signage applications.

conVerd Board incorporates 10% post-consumer waste to achieve maximum sustainability, but still provides a bright white print surface and the smooth surface characteristics for critical P.O.P. applications. The product is moisture resistant and more dimensionally stable than other paper-based medias. Unlike bleached corrugated cardboard, it will resist warping and maintain its structure under fluctuating changes in temperature and humidity.


  • Environmentally sustainable and 100% recyclable
  • Responsible and economical alternative to other nongreen substrates
  • Easy to die cut and assemble using traditional fasteners
  • Very high quality smooth bright white printing surface
  • Lightweight, yet strong and rigid
  • Available in several thickness options in sheet sizes up to 5’ x 10’

Popular Uses

Download conVerd Board Product Sheet