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Project Overview

Client Snapshot – Henry Ford Museum Exhibit

By July 27, 2017December 9th, 2021No Comments


Source One Digital was thrilled to partner on a creative endeavor that showcased the use of almost every piece of equipment we offer. The 10,000 square foot exhibit at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan displayed the timeless and iconic House Industries use of typography that has graced American graphic design for over 25 years.

Nearly 100 unique signs, displays, and objects were crafted for use in the exhibit. Primarily a combination of digital, and dye-sub printed fabrics, helped to create hanging scrims that draped the walls and canopy ceilings. A mock house structure was even created using 3M pressure sensitive material. Our print and finishing engineers were able to create direct-to-wood printed three dimensional five-foot alphabet blocks, gray scale and white ink printed on optically clear films to create mylar looking sketch paper, as well as routered and painted dimensional objects out of various substrates, such as sintra and alupanel.


■ Adhesive back wall murals and wraps
■ Direct to fabric sublimation printing
■ Direct digital print to fabric
■ Direct print to wood veneer and styrene
■ CMYK + White ink on super clear films
■ Dimensional routering and painting
■ Brushed metal works
■ Sewing
■ Hanging hardware
■ On-site Installation

Source One Digital has been working with David Dodde one of the lead curators for House Industries for nearly 10 years. Dodde is first and foremost an artist and continually pushed the envelope to ask us to bring is quirky and eye catching designs to life.
Dodde was one of Source One Digital’s first clients to challenge us to print UV direct onto wood veneer to create custom printed furniture. He has also directed us to print 20 by 20 feet ceiling murals from 1970’s popular album cover artwork to prefabricated tiles, to be used in a national franchised bar and restaurant chain.