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Project Overview

Project Overview – Hope College

By December 9, 2021December 27th, 2021No Comments

It takes a unified effort to see an idea through to the completion of a new building. A lot of hard work, detailed plans, and clear communication. For the Jim Heeringa Athletic Center, all involved understood the importance of building on Hope College’s tradition of excellence. The team chosen to bring this athletics program’s dream to life of creating an inspiring and functional space for student-athletes included architectural design firm AMDG Architects Inc., building contractors Midwest Construction, and large format digital printer Source One Digital.

Charged with branding the 10,000-square-foot building, Source One Digital went forth to set the stage for its sporting experiences for potential athletes, students, and alumni as well as instill pride among its current football, baseball, and softball teams.


  • Graphic design service
  • Commercial grade wallpaper
  • Dimensional features
  • Acrylic plaques
  • Installation services


The goal of each area within the Jim Heeringa Athletic Center was to convey a sense of honor, respect, and enthusiasm. This experience begins immediately with the first sight of an impressive backlit Hope College logo. Behind it, a wave- patterned custom printed wallpaper notes the College’s location near the shores of Lake Michigan. The main hallway follows with custom wallpaper showcasing historical moments and notable performances honoring the tradition and excellence at Hope College. The wallpaper also acts as a backdrop for large dimensional acrylic plaques mounted with standoffs. These highlight specific accomplishments of the athletic program from 1895 through the present day.

The visual experience continues into the locker room where the walls feature large graphics, and a backlit anchor hangs from the ceiling. Additionally, each locker contains a branded nameplate. A magnetic strip on the nameplates allows them to change from season to season. These branded nameplates also provide an opportunity to recognize contributing alumni.

Finally, dimensional letters along the bulkhead spell out the “Iron Sharpen Iron” motto with images portray what it means to be a “Flying Dutchmen” leads the football team out to their field.

Throughout its production and planning, this project evoked a unique energy. From its design to the color palette and selected imagery, the building invigorates the athletic program and the Hope College campus. It was certainly one project Source One Digital was mighty proud to be a part of!