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Top New Trends in Sports Graphics

By July 25, 2018December 9th, 2021No Comments

Top New Trends in Sports Graphics

Game day experiences, and the role that facility and event signage play, have changed dramatically over the last few years. Fans used to enter the venue, grab their favorite beverage and snacks, and head to their seats for the entire game. Facility and event signage used to consist primarily of way finding, and event sponsorship signage.

Today, a viewer can watch almost every game throughout the world played through traditional broadcast or streaming services. Technology continues to enhance with premium content and special services, forcing sports organizations finds ways to improve the fan experience, and entice them to continue to attend in events in person.

Some of the many ways sports venues and organizations are changing the environment experiences during game day are by using alluring wall, windows and floors graphics to create an enhanced environment. These graphics can not only improve the in-game experience but also create a stronger connection with the fan that will promote greater brand engagement, and hopefully, more frequent participation.

Teams are creating a more social atmosphere by removing traditional seating options and creating spaces where people meet up with their friends in a private deck space, or premium seating area. Fans can enter a venue and work their way through multiple graphic displays that show the origination’s history, successful past teams and favorite players. Many venues are even incorporating their personal Hall-of-Fame displays into their venues.

Sports environmental graphics are becoming more than just directional signs and instead have become an integral part of the venue décor package, and fan experience. Sports graphics now play a major role in the look and feel of the various premium areas, team displays and help create interactive displays for fans to enjoy. Teams and venues seeking to innovate beyond the sign on the outfield wall should consider some of these new graphics opportunity as they renovate or design new facilities.

Top 3 New Trends in Sports Graphics

Integration of Augmented Reality (AR) and Tradition Signage – AR apps allow fans to hover over an image on traditional graphics and take a dive into additional video content. Fans without the app are still able to enjoy the basic content provided by the look of the graphics.

Custom Printed Fabric – Custom printed fabric is finding many new and different uses as sports graphics. Fabric is being used in everything from room décor to upholstery. Custom fabric and framing systems are being used to build branded structures of all shapes and sizes. They can also being used as beautiful backlit signage, and can provide upscale look, and can easily be changed between events.

Custom Printed Window Décor – Printed displays on glass can be used to create open environmental space using many of the new optically clear glass films that can be applied directly to glass. The best part of custom printed films is that, unlike custom glass, they are completely removable.